Potentate's Message

First off, I would like to thank all the nobility for the honor bestowed upon me as being elected to serve you as YOUR Potentate for the year of 2018. We have many fun activities planned and hope that you will get involved with at least one of them during the year. Our biggest hurdle is Membership, so what’s the fix? I attended the Elmore Shrine Club/ Tin Lizzies Christmas Party (Didn’t drink the green punch, it was probably Prestone) as I looked around there were Past Potentates, Past MWGM’s, York Rite, Scottish Rite Royalty, Nobles, etc. and we all shared the same common thread, we are Masons. So what’s that got to do with anything? Energy is what typifies all Masons, we are constantly seeking more light, helping our fellow man is at the top of our list, can you say “kids”, we need to harness that energy, helping kids is first and foremost in our mission statement, so it fits right in for Masons, as an organization, we have more to offer than just another club. You can be very proud for what we are! Enough of the sales pitch!
So what’s happening this month? First off is Installation of Officers for the 2018 year, which will take place at the Temple on January 6th at 4 PM. Installation will be followed by a hosted bar and hors d'oeuvres. This is a great opportunity to share your ideas and meet the new Divan. Stated Meeting is January 10th, dinner at 6:30, come and heckle the new Potentate. NOBILITY Night, January 19th, we will have a dinner with entertainment following by Freudian Slip, easy listening music and Jazz, for the kids, we will have a movie night. Next up is the Unit & Clubs meeting this will take place on January 20th from 8 AM to Noon, I’m sure we will have donuts and coffee in the morning and a light lunch following the meeting, please bring a list of your 2018 officers and contact info. Also, Unit and Club reports are due at this time if not already submitted. Finally, don’t forget the Black Light Patrol Crab Feed the 26th and 27th, tickets are going fast and vailable from any Member of the Patrol, the office will not be selling tickets, however, if you do contact them, 208-343-0571, they will give you Bob Julian’s contact info to purchase tickets.
Finally, please take some time to sign up at www.shrinersvillage.com and become a virtual mentor. You could be matched with non-Mason who might become a friend and then a brother then hopefully a noble. You will be surprised how many men are out there who are ready to pull the trigger and get started on their Masonic journey.

See you at the Temple,
Yours in the Faith,
David E. Thomas, Potentate Elect 2018 and Lady Pam